Post 13: Sample Lesson Plan

In this post, I have created a sample lesson plan to show how I would introduce a new concept in lesson format.

The focus of this lesson is the introduction of the grapheme <-ck>, and where it is found (after a single, short vowel, final to a base). Students need to understand that there can be multiple ways to represent the same phoneme. For instance, the phoneme /z/ can be represented by both a <z> (as in “fuzz”) and an <s> (as in “dogs”). In this lesson, you will see that the students have already been taught that the phoneme /k/ can be represented by both <c> and by <k>. We will now be adding a third way to represent /k/, and teach the students that they will use this grapheme after a single short vowel, final to a base.

I chose the text “The Hot Sun” to read at the end of this lesson because one of the characters is “Duck”, and “duck” is the keyword that I like to use for the <-ck> grapheme. This book allows for practice of the <-ck> grapheme, and consolidates “duck” as the keyword.

At the end of the lesson, you will see student materials which can be printed out. If you are working with a student in person, you can print these sheets for your student to read. If working online, I would copy the charts onto a Google Slide to present to students.

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